Proper Maintenance will Extend the Life of Car Tires

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Making certain that you are purchasing the right car tires for your vehicle is the first step towards the care and maintenance of those tires.  You will find either in the manual or located on the sticker placed by the car’s manufacturer on the driver side door, the information necessary for knowing the exact tire that has been recommended for use.

Becoming as knowledgeable about your own tires, whether you are purchasing them for a car, a motorcycle or for custom truck wheels is a plus, however if you have a mechanic that you trust they will always be able to advise you and to answer any questions you may have.  Once you have the new tires mounted on your wheels, it is up to you to keep an eye on them, having them rotated periodically and checking the air pressure regularly will greatly increase the life of your tires.  Any discount tire company that installs the tires will usually offer the rotation services as well.

It is recommended that one checks the pressure on their tires once a month, however some people are diligent enough to check this each time they stop for gas.  This is quite a convenient practice as if you do notice that the tires are low, all gas stations have air pumps right there on the premises.  Along with the tire recommendations in the manual and on the sticker of the car door, you will also find information regarding the recommended tire pressure for your specific vehicle.

Alignment will also affect the wear of your tires, and if the car is out of alignment the tires will wear unevenly.  Personal driving habits will damage the tires, and it is good, not only for safety reasons, but for the life of the tire, that if you notice a tendency to speed or come to quick stops, you may be replacing your tires more often than you would prefer.

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