Road Trip Preparations for Your Car

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Going on road trips if fun, exciting, and relaxing.  If one lives in a big city, getting out on the open road, away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis driven lifestyle, can be refreshing and rejuvenating.  However, this can be a somewhat annoying experience should your car break down in the middle of no where.  DIY auto repair is something that you must make yourself familiar with before heading out, especially if you tend to take long trips frequently.  DIY simply refers to ‘do it yourself‘.

Preparing for these road trips does not need to involve a lot of stress, just simple planning and the fun will soon ensue.  Car problems can sometimes be easily diagnosed by simply flipping through small engine repair manuals.  When hitting the road on a motorcycle, manuals are a great thing to bring along as well.  You should make sure and have your car tuned up before heading out.  They will check the filters, have them change the oil and check the brake fluid.  Also ask the mechanic to check all of the lights, headlights, turn signals and brake lights.

Tires can cause a lot of headaches when you are driving long distances.  Just simply checking the air pressure can make a big difference, as the pressure will affect the functioning of the tires, as well as the gas mileage you will get.  Of course make certain that your oil is fresh, and that it is full.  It is wise to carry a couple of extra pints in the trunk if you car may tend to burn oil, or if you have a small leak.  For those traveling in older model Volkswagen buses, I would advise a case of oil, just to be safe.  Aside from the preparatory arrangements, be sure to have the cell phone charged and a working flashlight, especially if you plan to be traveling during the night time hours.

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