Accidental Treatment, and Fun, in a Hot Tub

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A dip in the hot tub, a dip in the pool.  A dip in the pool, a dip in the hot tub.  When I first discovered how great this felt for my body, I had no idea that it was a scientifically proven fact, that this was a form of therapy, or hydrotherapy, that was and is still now, a well known practice in the medical realm, for aiding the body in recuperating, from injury or from stress and anxiety.  I just knew at that time, that it felt good, that it was energizing, and kind of strange feeling.  My sister knew it as well.  We were young kids in the 1970’s, during a time when the city of Phoenix experienced torrential flooding and electrical storms during the monsoon season.  A time when the Book Mobile, a Winnebago library on wheels would park on the corner.

I had recently twisted my ankle, but that element of the story will surface later.  What was important to us at the time, was the excitement of swimming during an electrical storm.  The rain was a fallin’ and the lightening was a flashin’, but we didn’t know then what we do know now, and that is–electricity and water do not mix.  So we would jump into the spa, then we would jump into the pool, hot and cold, hot and cold.  We did this for about an hour or so, and then mom came home from work.  She came out back through the Arcadia door, yelling a stream of words we have yet to understand, but we got it—we were in trouble.

We didn’t know about the hazards.  We went for it because it was fun.  It was different.  I, myself, didn’t know the benefits of the hot and cold water, and how it would actually help my ankle at the time.  Over the years, both ankles have been severely damaged in different ways, and the trainers and the doctors treated the injuries in much the same manner, ice water then hot water, and so forth.  Having a hot tub spa and a pool in your own back yard, well–it’s fun.  It’s good.  And it’s healthy.  Just watch out for mom, if you happen to be swimming during an electrical storm with your sister.

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