New Wheels

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Choice is both a blessing and a curse. Americans are blessed with seemingly limitless choices in their daily lives. Simply ordering a cup of coffee can involve making a half a dozen choices. The number of options available when purchasing new wheels for a car can be staggering. For those that want to express their personality and make a bold statement, having all those options is great. For those that just want a functional vehicle, the number of choices can be overwhelming.

First and foremost, buying a wheel and tire package for a car is about function. This means buying the right size rims and tires for the vehicle and making sure that the tires can stand up to the expected load, speed, and road conditions. For many people, that is all that matters. They may try to find the best deal, but they just want to get in and out of the tire store as painlessly as possible.

The remaining car owners will take their time. They will pour over catalogs of red, orange, and black rims . They will debate chrome finishes and spoke designs. They may consider the effect created by choosing oversized wheels or buying rims with special light effects. For them, the shopping process is both longer, and much more engaging and enjoyable. The only thing better is seeing their car decked out in the chosen wheels.

Dan Piper is a car mechanic and popular “how to” blogger who also writes about auto racing subjects automotive and sports blogs.

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