New England Road Trip and Salem Witch Trials

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New England has always held a certain fascination for people from the across the country, as well as beyond. It holds some of the earliest national landmarks and is known for its historical significance as well as its natural beauty and wonder. And for a large number of these people a beautiful road-trip across the New England countryside sounds like the perfect way to spend a couple of weeks during the summer. Just make sure you have your new wheels and a full tank of gas and you should be ready to go. Meanwhile, how do you choose your stops? There are plenty of beautiful beaches and ocean side attractions, as well as great historical landmarks. And this part of the country is well known for having some of the most inviting and cozy bed and breakfasts in the country.

As you head out on your adventurous summer road trip, one of the places you’ll want to visit is in one of the southern New England states, the beautiful state of Massachusetts. And while this state now has a strong reputation for its friendliness, beauty and progressive perspectives, it also holds the key to one of the country’s earliest tragedies. Although, the event in question, the Salem witch trials, occurred before the country was officially established. The majority of the accusations took place in and around Salem Village and Salem town in 1692, while the new continent was still under the complete control and domain of Great Britain . In fact, it was during a time of political instability, due to a lack of renewed charter from London, that many people consider to be a contributing factor to the social unrest that was to lead to these hangings.

It’s very easy to navigate the coastal area of Massachusetts and making sure you have enough tread on your tires , oil in your engine and snacks in your cooler, is just one of the maintenance check ins you’ll want to make regularly on your trip. Meanwhile when you’re in the area of the historic Salem Village, which is now Danvers, you’ll want to visit some of the standard landmarks. Among the places you can visit include one of the houses, which is still standing from the time, of one of the accused. The trial and hanging of Rebecca Nurse was one of the more controversial accusations of the time, and many people not only believed in but also argued her innocence. Another stop you’ll definitely want to make is to the Witch Museum . In addition to getting some great information, you’ll be guided through the trials and directed to other great landmarks. This is just one of your must needs stops on your road trip up and through beautiful New England.

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